Price List For the SRT1000 and Accessories ***
Unit Price
SRT 1000 Wired FIS Homologated Timer
$ 895
SRT 1000 R Wireless FIS Homologated Timer
$ 1,295
SRT 500 Wired Non-Homologated Timer
$ 695
SRT 500 R Wireless Non-Homologated Timer
$ 1,095
SJT 700 Wired Judging Terminal
$ 695
SJT 700 R Wireless Judging Terminal
$ 1,095
SRT 1000 C Classic SRT1000 Timer (used, while supplies last)
$ 595
Auxillary Serial Port Option
$ 150
WBU-1 Wireless Base Unit (for connection to PC)
$ 350
PB-2 Rugged Plunger (ie Hand Switch, or Timing Cord)
$  50
RS232-C1 RS232 Serial Cable
$  25
RS485-C1 RS485 Cable for networking multiple timers (20 feet)
$  30
RS485-C2 RS485 Cable for networking multiple timers (300 feet)
$ 150
DPU-414 Seiko DPU 414-30B Serial Printer
$ 300
GUC232A USB to Serial Port - IOGear $35
USA-19HS USB to Serial Port Adaptor - Keyspan $40
4WSD9R RS232-RS485 Adaptor
$ 100
Lanyard/Carrying Case
Data Acquisition Software Module
Included with Timer
Excel Basic Race Management Software
Included with Timer
Professional Race Management Software
$ 500
*** Notes:

For a description of the various timer models, Click Here

Your computer must have a serial (ie RS232) port, or you need to buy a USB-Serial Port Adaptor. We sell them at cost.

Rentals are available on a case by case basis.

Above prices do not include taxes, shipping, duties or tariffs.

Timers carry a 2 year warranty against manufacturer defect.

Rugged Plungers carry a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defect.

Standard Plungers, Cables, Wireless Base Units, and Printers carry a 90 day warranty against manufacturer defect.

Click here to see package prices.

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