The No Worries Timer!!

The Affordable Hand Held Race Timer that accurately Records Results for Biking, Swimming, Track, Cross Country Running, XC Skiing, Alpine Skiing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Dog Agility, Barrel Racing, and other races. Recently homologated (certified) by F.I.S., the International Ski Federation.

Wireless SRT1000

Results for 2022 NCAA Cross Country Ski Championships

Features not found in other timers:

  • No worries timing
  • Fault tolerant - A broken wire or a loose connector won't ruin your day
  • Free PC application appends records to database, spreadsheet or text file
  • Synchronize timers after the race starts!!!
  • Connect multiple timers to a single serial port on a notebook computer (more)!!
  • Re-programmable software with free upgrades!
  • 150 hours of battery life using only two AA Batteries!! Can use four AA batteries for longer life!!

More Features...

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